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As web app and API attacks grow more sophisticated and more frequent, better tools are needed to keep up with the growing volume and variety of attacks. AWS and Fortinet help you protect your business from known and unknown threats.

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Cloud-native. Cloud-scale.

AWS WAF delivers the basic security and features you need to be PCI compliant and give your organization the foundational protection it needs. But depending on the size and complexity of your business, this may not be enough.

Fortinet Managed Rules and FortiWeb Cloud add advanced capabilities that go way beyond the basics to offer more customization, control, and peace of mind.

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AWS WAF is Just the Beginning

Out-of-the-box protection is a great place to start. It covers PCI compliance and gives you some modest customization and scalability options. But for true web application protection without increased manual effort, more sophisticated capabilities are a must.

Go Beyond the Basics With Managed Rules

Layer on Fortinet’s WAF rulesets with the check of a box - for always-on protection

Achieve Threat Superiority With FortiWeb CloudWAF-as-a-Service

Graduate to an enterprise-grade WAF without breaking the bank

Automatic Updates

Reduce manual effort by provisioning rules to subscribers automatically.

OWASP Top 10 Protection

Protect from threats including SQLi/XSS, General and Known Exploits, and Malicious Bots.

Global Rule Deployment

Deploy rules globally, ensuring consistent security across all regions.


Reduce time spent on rule creation and maintenance with continual updates from FortiGuard Labs.

Bot management

Employ multiple bot detection options like biometrics and threshold-based detection, and ML-based bot detection based on traffic behaviors.

Advanced Analytics

Go beyond rule-based security with Fortinet Cloud, offering deeper analysis of interactions and potential threats.

Broad Threat Landscape View

Get a broader view of threats with signatures from Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs.

Machine Learning

Identify anomalies and zero-day threats by understanding behavioral interactions.

Reduced False Positives

Reduce alert fatigue and reduce false positives through machine learning.

API Security

Find and protect the APIs that enable business-to-business communications and support mobile applications.

Cost Benefit Ratio

A consumption-based pricing model provides transparency into your usage and cost.

Defend Against OWASP’s Most Wanted With WAF Rules

Fortinet’s WAF rules frees you from writing your own rules. Instead, rules are updated continuously with FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence, and are based on the FortiWeb WAF security service signatures to provide the best protection against threats.


General and known exploits

Protect against numerous Injection attacks, URL redirects, HTTP response splitting, database disclosure vulnerabilities and other common exposures.


Malicious Bots

Analyze requests and block known content scrapers, spiders, and other unwanted automated clients looking for vulnerabilities.



Provides protection from the two primary web application attack types identified in the OWASP Top 10, SQLi, and XSS.

  • This ruleset is an excellent tool we can use on AWS WAF to protect applications easily from OWASP Top 10 attacks.

Truc N., Information Security Engineer

Fortify and Forge Ahead with
FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service

FortiWeb Cloud is a robust WAF that can start securing your web apps and APIs in minutes while maintaining a low TCO. Whether you are part of a security, devops, IT, compliance, or operations team, FortiWeb Cloud can enable you to protect the business-critical data your business relies on.

API protection

Discover and protect APIs with an automated positive security model, only allowing access based on your API specification.

Machine Learning

Detect anomalous behavior to block unknown exploits and drive operational efficiency with automated tuning.

Bot Management

Take action on malicious bots, while welcoming good bots, with automated identification and mitigation.

Multi-Dimensional Visibility and Reporting

Boost protection by receiving the latest threat intelligence with signature updates and analytics from FortiGuard Labs.

  • Highest WAF effectiveness for zero-day attacks

Forrester, 2022

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